AlunaGray The Odds Are Definitely Not In My Favor
Hatake Kakashi gets reborn as Katniss Everdeen's younger sister. When Katniss volunteered for Prim, Kakashi volunteered for Katniss. A Naruto and Hunger Games crossover story. AU.
MasterStoryTeller Love, Sex, And Everything In Between
Warning: Explicit Sexual Content! Please don't continue reading this if you are below 18 years old. This book contains collective short stories about sex.
风青阳 Heaven\'s Devourer
The Yanhuang Ancient Domain, vast without end, gave birth to many Celestials and Demons of antiquity tore Heaven and Earth apart and surpassed the control of the 3 Realms and 5 Elements over the endless years it has existed. Numerous Gods, more than ten thousand races, and humans born with a God class body have also come out from the Domain, traveling through the nether, warping Yin and Yang, omnipotent. In this current age, Celestial Daoism is in prosperity, tens of thousands of Divine techniqu
Rosella213 One In The House Of Opposites
Chloe, a 17 year old, was the only girl born in the family, she felt lonely and wanted siblings. Her mother divorced when she was only 6 years old. Chloe's father then remarried to a rich lady who has divorced with her husband. Chloe's going to be step mother has 13 sons and could never have a girl. Chloe will have to move in to a house full of 13 men. FYI - I got this book idea from an anime called...

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