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sd-suno > Warrior\'s Promise > Chapter 2292 - Destructive Golden Crow And The Nine Dragons Killing Heaven
Chapter 2292: Destructive Golden Crow And The Nine Dragons Killing Heaven

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Everyone fixed his gaze on the fight between Ji Yuesong and Tian Chenshan.

The disciples from Human Palace were nervous as they had no idea whether Ji Yuesong could defeat Tian Chenshan.

After all, Tian Chenshan had been a prominent figure and he was more reputable than Ji Yuesong.

Luo Yu took a deep breath. She had confidence in Ji Yuesong. If he was unable to defeat Tian Chenshan, no other person could do so.

On the platform.

Ji Yuesong was not surprised that the earlier blow had not hit Tian Chenshan as he was well aware of his power.

The earlier blow was merely to test Tian Chenshan out..

“Tian Chenshan, show me what you are capable of!”

Ji Yuesong shouted. A dazzling golden light then shot out of his body.

The light was as bright as the sun and it transformed into a Giant Beast and engulfed Ji Yuesong.

That was a Golden Crow and it emitted golden light like the sun.

The light from the Golden Crow was glaring and it emitted tremendous heat that caused the s.p.a.ce around it to melt.

“It’s the Destructive Golden Crow Primordial Spirit!”

“Ji Yuesong has mighty Blood Force as well. I’ve heard that he possesses the Blazing Sun Body!”

“Ji Yuesong has incorporated vital energy into the Destructive Golden Crow and the Blazing Sun Body. It is a fantastic combination and it has helped him possess amazing combat strength!”

The people started to get into discussions and they were impressed by Ji Yuesong’s power.

The Destructive Golden Crow Primordial Spirit was ranked number 15 on the Archean Martial Soul Board.

That was not the highlight. Most importantly, Ji Yuesong possessed the Blazing Sun Body.

Although the Blazing Sun Body was ranked after the 100th position on the Archean Martial Soul Board, it complemented the Destructive Golden Crow.

When a martial artist possessed both at the same time, his power would be intense.

Moreover, Ji Yuesong had tapped on the Destructive Golden Crow and the Blazing Sun Body to refine his physical body into a unique combat body with great vital energy.

Luo Yu, Chu Yan, and Qin’er were not amazed by Ji Yuesong as they had known about his strength all the while.

“Brother Yuesong is truly mighty. Duan Jingtian is nothing compared to him!” Chu Yan told Luo Yu and Qin’er.

Qin’er and Luo Yu were silent. They knew that Chu Yan had simply refused to admit that Duan Jingtian was powerful.

Although Duan Jingtian might not have been as mighty as Ji Yuesong, his talent had way surpa.s.sed that of Ji Yuesong as he was able to take on the martial artists who were at a higher realm than him.

After all, Duan Jingtian was only a Rank 1 Advanced True G.o.d.

“Destructive Golden Crow!” Su Mo muttered to himself. Ji Yuesong’s Primordial Spirit was indeed amazing.

The Destructive Golden Crow Martial Soul was ranked number 15 on the Archean Martial Soul Board, and it was only one rank lower than the Great Rotating Sacred Sword Martial Soul.

Although it was one rank lower, with the combination of the Blazing Sun Body and the vital energy, the power of the Destructive Golden Crow Primordial Spirit had been greatly enhanced.

Ji Yuesong prepared himself to throw out another blow, and a huge golden beacon formed between his palms like a tiny Golden Sun.

It emitted a destructive aura and was petrifying.


Ji Yuesong shouted as he threw out a blow with his palms. The tiny Golden Sun immediately shot out like a cannon toward Tian Chenshan to attack him.

The tiny Golden Sun was quick and it burnt everything that came its way. In an instant, it was near Tian Chenshan.

Tian Chenshan remained calm and he gave Ji Yuesong a derisive look.

“Do you wish to defeat me? You are not fit to do so!”

Tian Chenshan shouted coldly, and the cries of dragons sounded fr

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