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sd-suno > Reincarnated As The Strongest Slime Trainer > 1 Reincarnating And Getting my Summon
[A Unknown place in the vast universe]

an old man is sitting in a chair that is across from a floating ball of light.

The old man Speaks.

"Hello Reyn"

The ball of light vibrates from the power in the old man's voice

"I know you must of be confused, however, I will explain everything"

"you have died"

"Don't be sad, you had died a noble death by saving a little girl who lost her ball in the middle of the street and was about to be hit by a car"

"Because of your noble deed, I will give you the luxury of being able to reincarnate"

"And since your noble deed was extra special since you knowingly gave up your own life I will give you a gift"

"You will retain the memories of your current life when moving onto the next one"

The old man slowly got out of his chair and grabbed the ball of light. The old man then opens his hand and the ball of light is gone.

"Live a good life"

[Reyn POV]

{Author note: when text has ' ' on it means someone is thinking}

Reyn is currently sitting at the dinner table with his mother and father.

"Thank you, mom, for the food, I will be going to my room now, Cya Dad"

"Your welcome Reyn, And remember, you will be getting your summon tomorrow"

"I Remembered"

"Reyn, After you get your summon I will help you know the basics"

"Thank you Dad"

Reyn then walks into his room, closes his door and flops onto his bed.

"I have Truly been living in another world huh"

'I have learned a lot about this world in the past six years I have been living in it'

'The world here is called Ethenor' (eth-eh-nor)

'Your status in Ethenor is determined at birth'

'depending on what summon you get determines whether you will either be at the bottom or looking down at the people who are'

'My parents are somewhat on the middle of that scale'

'My mom has a faerie summon who's innate ability is ranked at D and innate potential is Ranked at B

'My dad's Summon is an ice wolf that's innate ability is ranked E while its Innate potential is ranked at A'

The rankings for summons are as shown

Innate Ability (F,E,D,C,B,A,S,SS)

Innate Potential(F,E,D,C,B,A,S,SS)

'An ice wolf's Innate Ability is ranked E since it has low strength and only knows one spell when it is first summoned.'

'However, its innate potential is ranked at A since you can train its physical strength and help it learn more powerful spells and increase its battle strength. The ice wolf's Innate potential was originally at rank B however after a famous Battle where an Ice wolf summoner beat a fire dragon who's Innate ability is ranked at A it was changed. '

'The reason why the Faerie is ranked higher in innate ability than an ice wolf is because a faerie knows many useful spells Such as detection, a low-level healing spell and Spirit bolt which a low-level projectile spell.'

'My Dad's ice wolf is currently Ranked at B and my Moms faerie is ranked at A which has allo

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