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sd-suno > only death do us apart > 1 introduction
main characters:-

Pearl alter- female lead

Horus ambros-male lead

Anna alter- pearl's granny. Lukas ambros- Horus's father

Sarah ambros- Horus's mother

Lara alt - Lukas's mistress

Michelle ambros- Horus's sister

Nicolas ambros/ alt - Horus step- brother

curtains get separated from each other which allowed sunlight to enter into room which made room bright and shining....a low and cute churning voice filled into air which forced pearl to get awaken from her sleep..

"pearl get up otherwise you'll be get late for the college...and then you'll make complain to not to awake you early".

"granny only two minutes... yesterday I got late into bed because of assignments and I have forty minutes to catch the bus and I will get ready in fifteen minutes and after that I have still twenty five minutes to catch the bus"...

"ohh how could I forget that your are a student of management and you know how to manage time"

"but still you have to get up early because today is your father and mother' s anniversary did you forget that?"

" oh shit how could I forget that thanku granny you're the best" after kissing granny pearl rush to the bathroom to get ready after exact fifteen minutes pearl got ready and run towards the dinning room .so she eat breakfast and pay visit to her late father and mother's grave..it becomes a habit for pearl and granny to pay visit her parents grave each weekend because pearl and granny busy schedule schedule and today is a special day because it's her parents anniversary and pearl's birthday and there is another sentiment attached with this date and that is on this date pearl's parent's got into an accident and died...but pearl and her granny decided to make this day as a happy memory

after visiting her parent's grave pearl rush to the bus stop to catch the bus..and granny rush to her restaurant...Granny owns a very small restaurant in X city which helps her to get pearl's college fee and their monthly expenses..

pearl arrived at her college and after arriving she search for her friend lea....lea is pearl's best friend since kindergarten they both grew up together and for pearl lea is her family after granny and same goes for lea...lea was also searching for pearl after seeing pearl lea rushed to her give her a tight hug.." hiii pearl happy birthday to you where have you been? I have searching for you for thirty minutes..you know that"

"omg! you have been waiting for me for thirty minutes then it must be something very important " after saying this pearl started laughing. actually lea is a bit impatient girl..there is a story once lea invited her boyfriend to meet her best friend pearl but her boy friend got struck into traffic and arrived one and half hour late ...and in those hours lea eat five burgers two plate french fries and drank three bottles of wine which was quite expensive because she thought that bill should have paid by her new boyfriend whose is quite rich but due to her impatiency and her wild thoughts that she got dumped before starting a romance ..she ate all the ordered food alone including pearl's which cost them 3,500 euro and for paying the bill they had to did kitchen chores and cleaning too..because they ran out of money.

so after thinking of that situation pearl start laughing.. ."hey girl are you laughing on me?"

"no no I was just thinking something..you tell me for what purpose you have been waiting for me"

"ofcourse it's your birthday that I have been looking for you and there is your gift a secret diary which you seen in a shop but didn't buy because it was a bit expensive actually I bought this on the same date but i want to give you a surprise thats why I'm giving you today on your birthday and I want a return gift from you a favour"

"so what's you new in this you've always asked for that"

"no actually it benefits you too"

"and how is it going to happen"

"actually I have submitted a

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