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sd-suno > Beijing Majestic Couple: Fulfilling of Feelings > 2 Chapter 2 - Stumbling into Dark Clouds
The first day of her stay in Beijing is a curse. Isarry don't know how to deal with her invidious situation. She's happy living in the Philippines, at age 22 she graduated from college as Magna Cum Laude. It's been just a year since she began enjoying her life after studying for over 19 years. All her life, Isarry had managed to prevent her grandparents to control her life. She lives far away from them. She disobey their rules.

Her elders are puzzled as to why she have done that. But Isarry knew what she did is right for her. She knows how to obey, but she is more aware if the orders from them are controlling hers. And she hates it, so what she did is to stand her rights as human. Isarry aspires to live her own life, without control from anybody.

Now, she was caught off-guard. There's no way she can escape this time. "What should I do?" She ask herself for the nth time. "What will gonna happen to my life?"

From her distraught, Isarry unconsciously arrive into an open grounds. There's a lot of people sitting on the grass chatting, children's playing and laughing, also some of them doing a picnic.

"They look happy!" She commented.

Suddenly, the clouds gets dark as if telling them it will rain soon. Isarry did nothing, she just stood on the grass and watch the darkness fill the atmosphere.

People notice the forthcoming rain, they leave in a hurry relinquishing the open grounds.

As soon as she became alone, downpour begins.She let a small laughter. Seems like the weather hewers with her feelings.

Indistinct noise emerge from somewhere. She turn her gaze to what she thinks it came from. In a proximate distance, bunch of old trees can be found. It's morning yet dusky so she can't figure out what's going on there.

Her feet find its way towards the dark bunches.

Isarry was about to call out but cease at a sudden rant.

"You assh*le! What makes you think I'm snatching your girlfriend? It is her who flirtatious walks on me! Dumb*ss!"

"Huh? Don't play innocent Jing Ting! I SAW YOU KISSING MY GIRLFRIEND!!!"


A well built image draw near Isarry but he fall before her. She jolted back as he cuss numerously.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? ARE YOU THAT COWARD? HAAA!!!" The other man punch him twice on his face. Two men are fighting in front of her. The first man pushed his adversary, hits his back to a tree and fall on the ground.

Afterwards, four people approach them, with their hands holding baseball bats. They help the one who hit the tree. "Punish that assh*le!" He order them.

"Oh my gosh! STOPPP!!!" Isarry shriek when the baseball bats were almost hit the solely man.

She's scared to witness a murder, whether this man is right or wrong she should help him.

"Who the h*ll are you?" The hit-fall man asked while holding his back. His men stop and look at her. Thanks God they stop. But what will she do now? What is she going to say?


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