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Beijing Majestic Couple: Fulfilling of Feellings


Place: Beijing (China), Bulacan (Philippines), Gangnam (Korea), Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Date: From December 2018 up to May 2019

Main Characters

Name: Isarry lim

Background: A 23 years old half Chinese, half Filipina, who chose to live in the Philippines to prevent of being controlled by her Chinese grandparents. She's happy and contented living her life not after she was forced to get married as soon as possible.

Name: Bai Jing Ting

Background: Bai, a 25 years old Chinese actor. He made his acting debut in the web series 'Back in Time' year 2014. He was known as an infamous actor who shows off hid pride and arrogance to everyone whether the camera is on or off.

He experienced cruel things during childhood until his teenage years (being bullied, disloyalty, abandoned, loveless, became jackass, etc.) that led to hid arrogance and distrust.

Mainside Characters

Name: Rica Agacer

Relationship: Isarry's bestfriend

Background: 24 years old lady who grew up with Isarry. From grade school to college, they were classmates.

Rica was once an avid fan of Bai.

Name: Liu Haoran

Relationship: Bai's colleague, Issary's cousin

Background: Liu, 22 years old chinese actor known for his frequent role as detective. As a co-actor, Liu often tries to catch up with Bai but end up being ignored.


Name: Wang Yu Xian

Relationship: Bai's die hard fan

Background: She idolizes Bai since the beginning even with his unpleasant personality.

Wang promised to herself that Bai will be hers and she will do anything just to have him.

Plot Outline

Chapter 1 - Surprise Misery

- Isarry receives a sudden call from her grandmother.

- Mr. Lim explains his last wish to her.

Chapter 2 - Stumbling into Dark Clouds

- She accidentally met actor Bai Jing Ting.

Chapter 3 - Facing Troublesome

- The other day, Isarry is featured to a Chinese broadsheet with a caption "MR. INFAMOUS HAS A GIRLFRIEND."

Chapter 4 - Agitated Granddaughter

- Her grandfather's condition id getting worse.

- Her Family started pressuring her to get married.

Chapter 5 - Stalking Mr. Arrogant

- Out of choice, she started stalking Bai Jing Ting.

- She records everything about him.

Chapter 6 - Chasing Game

- Isarry gather all her courage to finally catch up with Bai.

Chapter 7 - Continuous Failures

- She tried many ways in persuading him but he keep pushing her away

Chapter 8 - 15 Minutes Seduction

- There is only one option left for her , it is to attract the arrogant man.

Chapter 9 - Fading Hope

- Just like the results of her first trials, Isarry's seduction plan results the same.

Chapter 10 - Tears of Sorrow

-The given time by her grandfather is getting shorter and she's losing hope to find any man to marry.

Chapter 11 - Mad Clown

- Wang, Bai Jing Ting's avid and die har

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