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sd-suno > Beijing Majestic Couple: Fulfilling of Feelings > 1 Chapter 1 - Surprise Misery
The great door was open for her to be mesmerise by the pretentious decorations and setup of her grandparents house. It's been a very long time since the last time she's been here, so it makes her more amazed of what she's seeing right now.

"Young lady, please come in!" A servant with a blue uniform suddenly appears in her facade. Isarry gave a little smile at him as she walks towards the aisle.

"Where are they?" Isarry ask.

"They're still on the hospital waiting for the Master to discharged at 10 am." The servant answered politely.

Isarry stop and face him. "Come with me! Let's go to the hospital."

He fidgeted as she walks outward. "L-lady! Young lady, Madam has told me that when you arrived I'll make sure you rest a bit perhaps you are tired from your flight."


"No more buts, Young Lady. I'll bring you to your room." He waylay her direction and motion the adjacent aisle.

Isarry sigh. "Okay!" She then followed the servant.

It was 3 in the afternoon when she woke up. A combination of white and pink painted room welcome her eyes. Due to jet lag, as soon as she enter the room she don't mind things inside and lay herself to the bed comfortably.

It wasn't a dream. Going to Beijing is not a dream. Isarry emphatically close her eyes and think about the reason why she headed here.


"What is it this time, Ma?" Isarry asked her grandmother in confusion. Her instinct tells her it will be a bad news.

"Isarry, your Papa wants you to stay here in Beijing." Her grandma started.

Her eyes widened. "What?! Ma! Seriously? Both of you knew that I don't want to live in China. Why you kept pursuing me to live there?" She said with annoyance.

"I know, we know. But this time it's different." Sadness is obvious in her voice.

"What do you mean?" Her face slightly change into wonder.

"Your Papa..." Grandma rattles.

"What's with him, Ma?"

"H-he's d-dying." Her heart skip a beat after realizing what was her grandmother has been said.

"Y-you're j-joking, right?" Isarry hold up her tears.

"I hope that I am joking right now, b-but I'm not!" A gasp escape her mouth.

"N-no... M-ma... Take back your words. Papa isn't dying!"

"I'm sorry!" She fell onto the floor. Both of their sobs echoed through the room. "So please, Isarry, please come home." Her grandma pleaded.


A knock return her senses. Isarry got up to open the door. A maid in her late 30's greeted her. "Good afternoon Young lady, your Papa is waiting for you."

"I'll gotta change! Wait for about 10 minutes." The maid nodded. She headed to her baggage and take a pair of plain pink shirt and white jeans.

"Papa!" She roam her sight to see her grandfather sitting in front of his working table. Mr. Lim raise his head and give her a warm smile. Her grandfather's face change a lot. He seems to be sick for a long time and he looks like a weak man who can't even carry 6 bags of rice.

"Have a seat my dear granddaughter." Isarr

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